I like a plan. Wether or not I stick to it is anyone’s guess. But I’m good with a plan. I’m motivated with a plan.

There are many un-schoolers out there and I love their spontaneous approach to education but I just can’t do it. I have a tendency to get distracted, and not always in a good way, so having a plan is good.

Being our first proper term I am also completely unsure how this will go, what will work for us – but I also know that Bohan deals better with a plan too.

I’m not planning on following the national curriculum but for whatever reason (probably societal pressure) I’m keeping my eye on it so I know where B would be if he was at school. So I have that in the back of my mind when teaching numeracy and literacy. He loves reading and has a keen interest in number so those things seem to flow nicely.

I also think learning to read and write are such a fundamental part of learning. If he can read and write then he can learn anything he wants to and I love that. It’s a gateway to independent learning and really being equipped to follow his passions will open so many doors and perhaps put us onto a more free flow path of education.

This term I’m also following Lynn Seddon’s Exploring Nature with Children. We dipped into this curriculum a little last year and it’s really nice. It’s designed to be used every year to allow for layered learning. It’s great for using as a family curriculum as there is loads for both children to be inspired by. The activities are based around Science, Geography, Art and Nature Journalling. (among other subjects too) so it feels very well rounded for us.

We’ve also just signed up to AKIDO magazine which is a science and technology periodical magazine for children aged 3 to 7. It has lots of activities and as it’s written by scientists there is lots to learn within the pages. I’m hoping for it to inspire some interests that will become projects for us over the coming terms.

I’ve always been a wee bit on the fence about technology, mostly as Bohan has sensory processing issues and we find screens can be more of a hindrance than a help. After big big discussions (for literally a year) Jamie and I have decided to bring a kids tablet into the house. So far it’s going well and it’s pretty amazing how much he learns from a 30 minute session once or twice a week. We’ve heavily controlled the tablet, so it only allows educational apps that we’ve already chosen, TeachMonster is one of them, and I’m hoping to add DuoLingo onto it soon because Bohan has been interested in learning French. We also only allow 2 websites to be reached which are reading eggs and maths seeds. There is a 30 minute timer which powers down the apps when the limit is reached but he can read as many e-books as he likes on there with no limit. It’s going well and it feels so nice to be able to have something relatively ‘normal’ without it being a big issue.

We’re signed up to football this year, being one of Bohan’s absolutely favourite things to do it was a must. It’s an ‘after-school’ club and I’m excited for him to get to play every week with some of his local pals.

We’re also planning on attending climbing once a week with our local home ed group. Jamie and I are keen climbers so it would be so lovely if the children could share that passion with us.

Bohan also has his name down for a stint at Forest School once or twice a week when a space becomes available. I think he will really like some time to learn and hang out with other children without us there watching over him. Until his spot frees up, Bohan, Romy and I will go along to the family sessions. (When we can get in them!)

It seems like a really full week but honestly we don’t do everything every day and for me as long as we do some reading every day and he gets a good run around plus a little time to sit down at the table then I’m happy.

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